TheNet X-1J

Many years ago I produced a variant of TheNet. It was a real struggle to fit it into the EEPROM space available, especially as I did not have the tools that the original authors used. To make it work I had to use one of the LEDs as a bank switch to page in extra EEPROM.

It included an IP router plus many other extensions, including support for signal level meters and deviation measurement.

Little did I know at the time of the Net/Rom vs TheNet controversy!

Here you may find copies of TheNet X-1J materials in case anyone still uses it :-)

The final version was X-1J Release 4.

Within the downloadable zip file are the following:

  • The executables for the TNC2
  • The temperature meter details
  • The deviation & signal strength meter
  • The source code

Just in case you are interested.



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