The following are the latest versions of myVNA and related files

myVNA v0.95

This includes new version of USB Configure and firmware. Hardware parameters and VNA identification may be stored in EEPROM. myVNA release functionally identical to 0.94

Latest version of the new GUI

USB Configure v2.13.

This is the same version as bundled with myVNA v0.95. It includes details on how to load the firmware into the USB interface directly

Latest version of executables, firmware and instructions

N2PK USB firmware v0.26

This is the version that may be loaded directly into the EEPROM of the controller and contains code to store hardware parameters in the EEPROM

Latest N2PK firmware

myVNA manual.

This is the main user manual as a PDF

Latest version

USB Interface Spec v1-1

Description of operation and interface

N2PK VNA Debug Guide V0-3

A document to help you debug your system

USB v0-22 drivers 32/64 bit incl V5 VNA for XP / Vista / Windows 7

These are live signed drivers for 32/64 bit OS with old version of USB Configure

32/64 bit VNAdll source code

This is the source for the vnadll.dll included in the above driver package.

USB Drivers - source V0.22 including V5

The source code for the above drivers

USB v0-26 drivers for loading directly into EEPROM

VS2005 project - use SDCC to compile

Automation interface dll and test application

AccessMyVNA.dll test build v0.7

Custom VNA interface

Source code for Custom VNA interface


The following are hardware related files for myVNA

USB Interface - Hardware details v0.6

Details of how to build the USB interface or how to program the V5 VNA USB interface

Timing data for myVNA with InpOut32 and WinIO for parallel and USB V0.22

Detailed logic analyser screenshots


The following are old materials for myVNA

USB Interface Drivers v0.22 including V5 VNA

The same as 0.22 but including the new drivers for Ivanís V5 VNA board

USB Interface - Drivers v0.22

Latest drivers - required for myVNA V0.31

USB Drivers - source V0.22

Source code for V0.22 drivers

USB Interface - Drivers V0.21

Old drivers for the N2PK USB Interface

USB Drivers - source V0.19

Source code for V0.19 - donít ask where 0.21 is :-( ....

myVNA previous release v0.92

Just in case, here is the previous version

myVNA quickstart guide v0-42 (Chinese)

Courtesy of Llanero Li - in Chinese

USB Interface boards 0.3 and 0.4

Hardware documents, express PCB and Gerber files for 0.4 boards

Replacement DLL for Exeter

Replace VNAccess.dll to use USB

Timing data for USB incl Exeter & VNA4win
Note this is pre v0-22, and is much faster now.

Describes timings with example apps

USB Interface Configuration Utility (includes V5 options)

Executable to program the N2PK USB Interface

USB Configure v2.3 source

Source Code of the USB configuration utility


The following are for the noise meter

Noise Meter Program (update 16/08/2008)

Executable for Noise Meter program

Noise Meter source code (update 16/08/2008)

Source Code for the noise meter program

Noise Meter Hardware

Hardware construction details

Noise source gerbers

Caveat Emptor - if you use these check them first !!!!


The following are the files for TheNet X-1J

TheNet X-1J Release 4

source, executable for TNC2, deviation meter, S meter and temperature meter


Here are the files for using the USB interface and myVNA with the MSA

USB Configure 2.6 with MSA drivers v0.3

These are the current live drivers for the MSA USB interface

MSA USB DLL executable 18/08/2010

Put these files into the same directory as the MSA basic program

MSA USB latest test application 18/09/2010

This is the modified basic application.

MSA firmware source code

Current TEST code for FX2 chip on USB interface board

MSA DLL source code 18/08/2010

Current TEST version of DLL


The following are test materials

myVNA test build 0.93. Built with VS2015.

myVNA v0-93

myVNA test build 94 - changes for AccessMyVNA to avoid unnecessary dialog boxes

mvVNA v0-94


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