Paul Kiciak, N2PK has produced a most excellent Vector Network Analyser.

Paulís website is presented as an archive by Ivan with Paulís permission.

To go with it, I have produced a USB interface and a GUI for Windows - myVNA, but the N2PK is a group effort. For more information, check out the group page.

You can get a feel for myVNA from the Manual

Also you may find these of interest:

  • VNA4win - a ďvirtual front panelĒ application or the N2PK by GM3SEK and GM4PMK
  • Exeter - another GUI for the N2PK
  • Ivanís new PCB for the N2PK and his transverter design plus software and other goodies

Note that if you want to use the USB interface with Exeter, you will need to replace VNAccess.dll with this copy.

Iíve tried to put together a debugging guide for the N2PK VNA. You can download a copy here.

You will find when you install the program that a product key is required. For amateur use, these are free - contact me via the N2PK Yahoo group or email myvna @ btinternet dot com.

The latest version is v0.95. The main changes are reworked activation code to reduce chance of reactivation being needed, rewriting the userguide, updating the TDR code allowing display in metres down a transmission line and a small change to permit the ADC voltage to be rescaled for when different hardware is used.


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