This is a work in progress; adding a USB interface to Scotty’s Spectrum Analyser.

The project has a group here from which you can find your way to the main project websites of Scotty and Sam

Work so far is on reusing the USB interface hardware from the N2PK VNA USB interface to replace the SLIM controller module.

Here are some of the current design notes on Setting PLO2, ADC conversion routines, Driving the SLIM modules, and the controller hardware. Here is a document that describes the changes to the Basic code. Putting it all together is here and here is a document on the parallel interface version. The 18 August versions now use structures for added speed.

Here is my first scan using the USB interface.

The current version of the basic program along with the above may be found on the yahoo group page here

USB software is available on the download page; this is current test code only. If you want to experiment with the interface, you will need this DLL - put it into the same directory as the basic program and you will need to use these drivers with FX2 chip. These are an initial set of live signed drivers for XP, Vista and Windows 7 for 32 and 64 bit. Instructions on configuring the hardware and installing the drivers is included along with the software to do it.

There is also now a first test version of myVNA for the MSA - at the bottom of the downloads page here



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