This is the new homepage of Dave, G8KBB.

Here you will find information on my radio projects. It is very much “Under construction”


On the left is a menu bar that provides access to my current interests. I’ll add more over time but at the moment the intent is to create a new home for the following

I’m a member of the Warrington & District Amateur Radio Club (WARC).
On the WARC website you will find:

  • details of a simple power meter I built,
  • a noise source and
  • the CDG2000 transceiver - a joint project with Colin Horrabin G3SBI and George Fare G3OGQ

NEW: Signed drivers for XP, Vista and Windows 7 for the VNA USB interface that run on 32 or 64 bit operating systems. With thanks to Ivan For procuring the code signing key. NOTE that if you use these, you MUST replace vnadll.dll with the new version that is also contained with the driver files. This new version of vnadll.dll is backwards compatible with the old drivers, and also comes with a new version of USB Configure.


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