myVNA is a new GUI program for the N2PK.

It runs under windows XP, 7 or 10 and (I am told) Windows 11.

It runs under Windows ( It needs .NET 2.0) and supports the following

  • Parallel or USB port
  • Single or dual detector scans
  • CDS mode
  • Signal Generator and sweep functions
  • Transverter support
  • Crystal Motional Parameter measurement
  • Harmonic & Harmonic suppression modes
  • Full S parameter measurements
  • Diagnostic mode for hardware testing
  • RF I-V measurement mode
  • Mixed network simulation & analysis
  • TDR mode
  • Arbitrary equation editor for customised analysis
  • Automation interface for control from other programs
  • Custom hardware interface for controlling alternative network analysers
  • MSA hardware mode of operation

Free licence keys are available for Amateur use as detailed in the installation. Reports on bugs and suggestions for improvement gratefully received - contact me via the N2PK group list

Latest version: Build 0.95. Download it here
Previous version: Build 0.92. Download it here
User manual : Download it here
Old Quickstart Guide (Chinese v0-42): Download it here
Here is a document showing USB and parallel port interface timings

The installation contains one file, an installer (msi) file plus a setup.exe. Once installed consult the quick start guide. If you install an update don’t forget to reset the hardware configuration.

There is also a test build on the downloads page - it’s my latest “work in progress” - it includes an automation interface so you can drive it from an external program and a custom hardware interface to use it with modified hardware.

The program is protected by a product key / activation process.


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