Exeter DLL

Greg Ordy produced a VNA control program called "Exeter". You may find details on it here. It has a rich set of features but does not support the USB interface (I lent a module to Greg but he has been too busy to use it I'm afraid). However, Exeter has a structure that allows it to be tweaked. Specifically, Greg also produces a DLL called VNAccess.dll, which provides the link between the parallel port and the VNA software. The interface to this has been published. So to add USB support I built a replacement VNAccess.dll from the interface specification. It is not identical - first because I only have the interface spec to work from and secondly because USB works differnetly. It is also not a complete interface - I only implemented features that Exeter appeared to need. It is possible that I missed some or got some wrong. If so, email me and I'll fix it. Alternatively I published the source code for the new DLL. If you figure out any extensions let me know and I'll include them. To use it, download the code from the download page here. Replace VNAccess.dll with the new one and also put a copy of vnadll.dll (for the USB interface) into the same directory



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